Watch Dogs

This website is a great live visualization of spatial data for 3 cities: London, Paris and Berlin.

It was developed as part of a Ubisoft game Watch Dogs, which is set in Chicago and deals with the implications of smart city data being hacked into by protagonists and antagonists of the game.

The website itself is really interesting as it plots publicly available data about the three cities and live information about the cities’ inhabitants through their geotagged social media updates. It overlays this information on a custom 3d map.

Here is a screen capture of London’s Westminster area in 2D from the site

Image 1

When you zoom in the area the map shifts into 3D.

Image 2

If you click on any of the tags you can find out more (but before it does that it animates with connections to other similar tags in the area)

Image 3

Finally you can see the original content (if it is social media) and more information about the other infrastructure and public information.

Image 4

All in all its a nice one stop view of this complex data. One example that really stood out to me were the large numbers of public CCTVs in London.