Ship Map

This amazing map grants a new perspective on our consumer culture.

As student designers, we are often enamored with the user-centered, service design success stories of Amazon Prime, PostMates, and Blue Apron. And, we love to take advantage of those services too!

But, it is easy to miss the massive about of invisible effort and energy that is expent to simply keep our global economy running at a basic level, much less at the expedited speed we are now coming to expect from these new services.

This is the deep pool that we all begin to dip our toes in when designing novel experiences in the 21st century. This map displays the position of oil-burning container ships and their cargo around the planet — the true enablers of our new economy and the services we rely on.

Perhaps we will soon have the ability to create truly remarkable change on a systemic level, without so many unintended negative consequences, as more information like this powerful visualization becomes available to designers and consumers.