A Visualized Career

Geospatial data isn't just about cities, states and countries. We can also map careers. Specifically, this visualization represents Kobe Bryant's 20-year NBA career through the 30,699 shots that he took.

The L.A. Times maps all of Kobe's made and missed shots. They also enable a user to take a tour, where the visualization points out specific shots or trends. If a user would like to explore a particular season or type of shot, the page includes a filter that enables them to explore particular slices of data.

The L.A. Times uses Leaflet, a JavaScript library for interactive maps, and CartoDB, a mapping cloud-computing platform.

Viewing the overall complex visualization, and manipulating the data with granular sorting and comparison tools, is a powerful way of communicating and revealing complex spatial data. It is also possible to order a print out of this visualization and hang it on your wall!